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Round Two

Tomorrow, I go back to the eye doctor. You may remember a few weeks ago I got hacked up like a naked teen in an 80's slasher movie. Well... the nastiness isn't totally gone, so I'm going back for more tomorrow.

I figure at a minimum, I'm getting another needle in the eyelid. Fuck. Worst case scenario, I HOPE, is a repeat of last time, but with better results. Either way, I'm pretty sure this is gonna suck. Why am I cursed with this stupid thing? Man, if it wasn't for the fact that the rest of my face is devastatingly handsome, I'd be screwed.

Oh wait. Fuck.


Sep. 19th, 2002 09:00 pm (UTC)
steve w k
hey dude. will you please get yr portait done with bloody tears this time? please?! that shit is t to the u to the f to the f.