Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

More crazy motorcycle antics

Originally uploaded by vespa59.
So, a couple weeks after the great motor swap of '06, I noticed that the front end of the BMW had a lot of play in it. A lot of play. A LOT. OF. PLAY. Frightened for my life, I stopped driving it, despite my entitlement to twenty consecutive weekends of sunny day mountain rides for the amount of work I've put in to the bike.

Today, I decided to start ripping in to the steering head to see what was up. I figured the bearings were thrashed. A few hours of work and $50 in parts and I'd be good as new.

The front end removal was a bit of a project. Lots of stuff had to come off and as you can see I didn't really do it the "right way". No way I'm putting in the extra hours of disconnecting all the cables and wiring, and then all the hours of putting it back together, and then all the hours of figuring out what I fucked up while putting it all back together.

Anyway, I got down to the frame and I found bearings that really don't seem fucked up at all. I'm going to take them by SF Moto next week to see what they think of them, but perhaps all that was needed was adjustment and tightening. That'd be a bummer.
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