Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken


The following is a list of things I pay for, yet also contain advertisements:
  • Movie (approximately $5/hour)
  • MUNI ride ($1/hour at best)
  • BART ride (roughly $12/hour)
  • Cable TV ($100/month)
  • Baseball game (approx. $10/hour)
  • Urination in a bar restroom (approx. $10/hour for the beer I'm peeing out)
  • Night out a at a club ($10/hour)
  • Airplane ride ($150/hour)
  • Magazine (approx. $3/hour)
  • LiveJournal ($2/month)
I wish people would either quit whining about it, or just get the source and go start their own ad-free site.
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