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The following is a list of things I pay for, yet also contain advertisements:
  • Movie (approximately $5/hour)
  • MUNI ride ($1/hour at best)
  • BART ride (roughly $12/hour)
  • Cable TV ($100/month)
  • Baseball game (approx. $10/hour)
  • Urination in a bar restroom (approx. $10/hour for the beer I'm peeing out)
  • Night out a at a club ($10/hour)
  • Airplane ride ($150/hour)
  • Magazine (approx. $3/hour)
  • LiveJournal ($2/month)
I wish people would either quit whining about it, or just get the source and go start their own ad-free site.


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Oct. 1st, 2006 08:24 pm (UTC)
Er, no one's saying, "OMG, nothing that anyone pays for should ever have ads!" They're saying, "Um, we're paying you, AND you PROMISED us no ads."

Besides, didn't Brad's post claim that paid users wouldn't see ads or, by extension, sponsored "whatever"? That was bullshit, wasn't it?

Finally, people are talking about leaving and/or starting their own sites. But just because this is an option doesn't mean they shouldn't complain. I know you know that a main reason people like it here at LiveJournal is because of the community, which they couldn't easily move to another site. Surely you guys haven't lost sight of that—it was kind of the point of LiveJournal in the beginning, wasn't it?
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