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One other thing

Ok... so... there was actually a lot of fun tonight. Dinner with the Monkeys and Canadians before mod night was great. And, just so you don't read that last post and start thinking I'm horribly depressed or anything (I'm not.. I'm really too fucking stupid to be depressed...), here's an exchange (paraphrased... I don't remember the exact conversation...) from this evening that made me laugh so hard my brains almost imploded:

Someone at table: "Maybe she asked because she wanted to know if you were going to have sex with her."

Me: "I'm pretty sure my position on that issue was very clear."

Steve (not me, the other one): "Hey, who has two thumbs and loves blow jobs?"
*points at self with both thumbs*

God damn that guy cracks me up.


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Oct. 8th, 2002 11:29 am (UTC)
vancouver jeff told me this
so, he told me about this guy at a party who started asked everyone if they had ever had a blow job by a girl with braces. he was like, that shit is vietnam. that shit is cambodia. the end.
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