Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Anonymous shit talkers can eat me.

Ok kids... If you're going to come in to MY little world and talk shit to me, and you want to be taken at all seriously, you should at least leave your name. Most people don't just come here and start talking shit without saying who they are in some form or another (there are a lot of people, like my mom or my sister, that I can identify just from what they write). I think if people come here and don't like what they read, they usually just go the fuck somewhere else. However, one pathetic fucking ass decided they had it all figured out and had a right to publicly slash me in my own journal. And while they were at it, they'd talk a little trash about one of my best friends as well. Nice. The post is hidden now, because I'm like that, but I will say this to the anony-bitch who posted:

First, your IP is logged when you post here. That tells a lot about who you are, especially if you've written me before. That, combined with your writing style and what you chose to pick a fight about pretty much gives you away.

Second, I'm guessing that if you even made it through third grade, you failed reading comprehension while doing so. So, a couple of corrections to what you wrote: It wasn't about me getting laid, I'm cool with my personal appearance and it's not something I'm willing to compromise for the sake of other people, I get plenty (thank you), and I didn't write the critiques of kid's pics.

I'd love to discuss more and tell you all the things that are wrong with you, as you decided to do with me. Why don't you either post with your name or email me directly?
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