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My friend just got back from China. She was telling me how there are monkeys everywhere... in the streets and stuff. I asked her:

"If I lived there, could I have my own monkey?"

"You could eat a monkey!"

Not exactly what I had in mind.


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Oct. 29th, 2002 11:35 am (UTC)
monkeys monkeys everywhere
One time, at Band camp, In the Navy..

When I was in the Navy and were were on deployment in the Pacific.. we pulled into Thailand for a bit. Place called Pattaya Beach (sounds like Patio). The waters close in are too shallow for a boat that goes 7-8 stories into the water, so we had to anchor out. A common thing. Shortly after we drop anchor the water taxis & busses start showing up - the former enterprising young fellas with speed boats that charge allot and the latter big, slow cheap flatbottom boats that hold lots of folks. I was poor then and took the water bus. They take you in as far as you can go and then you've got take off yer shoes and socks and roll up your pant legs and wade the last 200 yards or so to the beach. So here I come, Huck Finn'in with my socks stuffed into my sneakers hanging over my shoulder and my pant legs rolled up to the knee striding up out of the sea and onto this sandy white stretch of beach. A surreal experience to beghin with. Just then this like scrap of a kid who couldn't have been more than 4 walks past right in fron me and he's got this HUGE bulbous furry mass glomed onto the side of his head. I took me several shocked seconds to realize this was a MONKEY. Little brown monkey sitting on his shoulder with its feet wrapped anround his neck and it's little arms wrapped about the top of his head just peering at me over it's shoulder as he walked on by and down the beach.

It was funny.

Later that day in a outdoor bar, a monkey came running along the railing, hopped onto the table, jumped into my lap and hugged me about the neck. I was like wow this country is just fully of little primates who need a hug.

then, "Five Dolla! You played with monkey! I Take Picture. You give me Five Dollar, US dollar, Thank you please!"

I gave him two bucks - I still have that picture somewhere. If the opportunity arises, I'll show it to you sometime. :)
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