Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

On Vox: Rawk!!

You guys... I just remembered this.

A couple years ago, in Ballard (a neighborhood in Seattle), there was this guy... he wore a black leather jacket and a skeletor mask. He'd walk around with an electric guitar hooked up to a belt amp and he would just ROCK THE FUCK OUT. If you were standing on the sidewalk and he happened upon you, he'd stop and just ROCK all up in your face until you crossed the street or whatever. Dude just loved walking around ROCKing the guitar, like some kind of heavy metal Johnny Appleseed, sowing the seeds of ROCK throughout the land. It was awesome.

The community of Ballard was split on him. Some people, such as myself, loved him and were so grateful that someone like him existed in our little 'hood. Other people fucking hated the guy and fantasized about beating him senseless with his dime store guitar. Then there were the six or seven people who'd never seen them. They mostly thought he was cool. I remember seeing Missed Connections ads where people would either praise or hate on the masked metal guys. There might have been an article in the Stranger too.

After a while, he acquired a homie who also had a mask and who would ROCK around the neighborhood with him. I guess it's safer if you go with a buddy. After a little longer, he started showing up with - I shit you not - a little kid. The kid was like 10 and he had a mask and a little guitar with an amp and he'd ROCK THE FUCK OUT, Punky Brewster stylee. Sometimes, you'd see all three, on a weird sort of Trick Or Treat-esque mission to melt some faces with ear-splitting solos and power chords.

I wonder what ever happened to those guys.

Originally posted on pop.vox.com

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