Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Leavin' on a jet plane

Well... I'm all packed. FOUR fucking bags - tent bag, bag of camping/rally stuff, bag containing my clothes, small messenger bag with my airplane entertainment stuff in it (which I never end up using anyway, because I just stare out the window or sleep).

I leave in the morning for Phoenix. It will be a whirlwind couple of days of drinks, hanging with old coworkers and friends, getting bikes ready, planning, etc...

Friday, me and Clay head down to Tucson with Adam's bike in tow, hopefully working. Rally fun starts at the lovely Flamingo Hotel. Last year, it was Friday night that almost killed me, but in a good alcohol-soaked and gettin' some action sort of way. I don't expect a repeat of the action part this year, but there's definitely gonna be some hard drinking. Especially since it's Clay's first year.

Saturday is the beeeee-yotiful 111 mile ride from Tucson to Nogales and the gigantic camp site where there will be more debauchery.

Sunday, a long ride back to Tucson, an even longer ride back to Phoenix, and then an even LONGER ride to Vegas with Barry and Casey, Punk Rock Dave, and Cory.

Then, two good days of Vegas fun and then a flight back to reality.

Vacation rules!

Chelsea: Expect massive drunk dialing.
Didi: Time in Phoenix looks pretty crazy. I don't think I will make it up northwards. We'll get a beer on my next visit.

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