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On Vox: I wanna go fast.

On Friday, Susie and I watched Bullitt. You don't need to watch Bullitt. It's not all that interesting, although there is a lot of cool footage of late 60s San Francisco. All you need to watch of Bullitt is these ten minutes right here. This is the famous car chase scene. 100 miles an hour through various hilly San Francisco neighborhoods. Charger vs. Mustang. No regard for public safety whatsoever. I love watching these guys tear ass through my city. Somehow, the same poor green VW Bug is repeatedly terrorized. He really should have just pulled over.

This starts off a little show. You'll know the real action is about to begin at around 3:15 when you see Mr. Horn Rims buckle up. Hang on as long as you can, because the shotgun comes out at around eight minutes, and if you soldier on through the entire thing, you're handsomely rewarded at the end. I promise, it's worth your time.

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Mar. 7th, 2007 11:13 pm (UTC)
How funny--we too watched Bullitt over the weekend. Great car chase. I had never seen the movie all the way through before, and I was struck by the nuanced lighting and creative cinematography. Good stuff.
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