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On Vox: Punk rock show

The Beast With Five Hands
The Groovie Ghoulies

Last night I went to Bottom of the Hill to see the Groovie Ghoulies open up for the Epoxies. It was, as expected, an awesome show. The Ghoulies were great, as they always are. I spoke with Kepi (bass, vocals) and Scampi (drums, focus of my lust) for a little while after their set. They're really friendly and after all these years they still love meeting fans and hanging out.

The Epoxies were great as well, although the sound was pretty bad. It was pretty noisy and things were falling apart everywhere. Still, I loved their set and they're always fun to watch. The crowd was pretty hyper and I was at the edge of the pit, so that was a little obnoxious. I was behind a couple that I swear were in their late 60s or possibly their 70s and straight out of North Jersey. I don't know what they were doing there, other than passing some gnarly elderly farts. The old man was also on the edge of the pit. He absorbed flying twenty year olds one by one with barely a flinch, keeping an arm around the wife. I'm guess he was either protecting her, or helping her resist her urge to jump in or possibly rip off her shirt and stage dive.

Oh, that reminds me... There's this guy I keep meaning to write about. I see him at just about every punk rock show at Bottom of the Hill, and at most of the ones at Slim's. He's a little old-ish... maybe late 50s/early 60s. He's always at the front of the crowd against the stage or the edge of the pit. He wears a clean white t-shirt that's too tight (last night I noticed it's a Calvin Klein t-shirt) and his jeans are usually saggin... like the kids. He often sports a leather belt around his neck, with chrome studs, and a matching one around his waist. He jumps up and down and makes happy faces at the teenagers around him. He's not obnoxious or anything... just slightly creepy. I always notice him and think, "Man oh man... that old guy is EVERYWHERE! What is his deal??" Last night it hit me: That old guy is me in 25 years. Shit. I'm gonna be some pathetic weird old dude creepin' out the kids at the punk rock shows. Damn.


Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah... the show... It was great. Thanks to Casey's far reaching social connections, we got to hang out in the dressing room with the Epoxies for a while before their set. That was cool... it was nice to meet Meredith (Roxy Epoxy) and watch her warm up her vocal chords before the show. We talked about the show where they opened for The Damned.

Oh, there were three other bands. I didn't see the first one at all, and I just barely caught the end of Teenage Harlets[sic]' set, which wasn't very interesting. The Ghoulies were third, followed by the Phenomenauts. I don't really care for the Phenomenauts' music at all. It's noisy and boring. They have a cool stage show and an interesting van, and their drummer was in a pretty good ska band in Phoenix back in the day, but other than that, there's not much to note. They somehow have a rabid fan base though. Every show they play, there are people walking around with their logo on their shirts, hats, jackets, stickers... fucking everything. That band sells a shit-ton of merch. Who the hell buys a Dickies jacket with a band logo on it? Answer: Phenomenauts fans. They pack the shit out of the dance floor during their set too. It was very obvious that the majority of the people at that show were there for that band. I don't get it. They play tons and tons of shows. I guess people love them a lot and are happy to see them open for band after band every week. The band members show up at pretty much every show, walking around in their P logo jackets and sticking their P logo stickers on things. They drift to and from the backstage areas like royalty, although it sort of seems like a lot of the club employees are annoyed by them. I don't know that for sure... I just base that on watching people interact with each other.

We're So Small
The Epoxies

Anyway, good on them for having such a following for such mediocre music. It's kind of a bummer to show up at shows to see bands I like and have the place overrun by P logo worshipers who all cut out and empty the place before the headliner plays, but at the same time, I always know I can get myself a good spot near the front once they finish their set.

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