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On Vox: Bustling with art

As I descended the stairs of the office toward the front door, I passed Ginger, who told me, "Now's your chance to be in a hip-hop video!" Phhht. One of many, I responded, as I realized what she meant. I stepped out of the front door in to a thick haze of weed smoke. Around 30 pretty thuggy lookin' dudes were standing around a car with some 22s on it. A few feet away, two guys were spray painting on a couple of chunks of plywood. The roll up door to the photo/video studio next door was open and people were setting up for the video shoot. I briefly contemplated asking if I could be in the video with them, but just as I was about to greet someone, he commented on my t-shirt, and the picture of Jesus holding a gun that's on it (it's a NOFX shirt from the last show of theirs I went to). I decided I should keep on walkin'.

I tried to grab some cameraphone pictures on the sly but I couldn't pull it off. Rachel's going down to move her car in a few minutes and she's gonna try to get a picture for the Six Apart scrapbook.

Speaking of art in progress around San Francisco, I forgot to tell you what I saw last weekend! After seeing 300 at the IMAX (which was SPECTACULAR), I rode over to the East Bay to meet up with Paul for some shenanigans. He was hanging out at another friend Dan-o's house in Oakland, and they gave me some shoddy directions there. Long story short, I find myself in a less than desirable Oakland neighborhood trying to find my way to a specific street. When I'm in this mode, I typically just get on a street and drive in the direction I think I need to be going until I can't any longer. So, I find myself on a street with some train tracks running next to it. I think I was near the sewage facility because it SMELLED. I'm rolling along, strong in my resolve to not stop for fucking anything, when I realize the street I'm on is about to come to an end. Fuck. I start to pull a U-Turn when I notice some activity on the train tracks near where I am.

A girl, maybe 19 or so, is stark raving naked and posing all sexy on the train tracks for a skeevy looking dude who's taking her picture. I don't see her clothes anywhere in the vicinity. She's crazy pale, and really zoney. I'm pretty sure she was on meth or heroin or something, cause she looked like a ghoul. I didn't see the guy's face. So that was neat. Not every day you see a naked girl on the train tracks. I searched Flickr for "naked meth head girl on train tracks" but it came up empty, so I guess he hasn't posted them yet.

It's spring time in the Bay Area, and the arts are alive and vigorous!

Originally posted on pop.vox.com