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On Vox: Chubby puppy

Susie and I are watching a show on Animal Planet called Fat Pets. It's so sad. It's documentary about these various people in London who've overfed the crap out of their dogs to the point where they are triple what they should weigh.

One woman took her dog to the vet and was told that he would be dead within a year if he didn't lose weight. She took him home and an hour later she gave him six slices of birthday cake she'd bought for one of her other dogs. Dumbass.

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Apr. 16th, 2007 09:37 pm (UTC)
My dog had become paralyzed on one side years ago, they think it was due to her weight and some damage it had done on her spine. We went out to the lake and played "Go swim and get the stick" which is a favorite game of labs, then she limped back and lay on the beach. Fucking sucked - all these vets said that it would cost blah-blah-blah to do exploratory surgery on her, money I didn't have, and they added almost too gleefully "Oh but we can put her down for 30 bucks." or some such figure... which was warmly received with a "Fuck you and you're never touching my dog again." Took her to a farm vet, who fixed her with nice cheap non-lethal steroids - did something with the muscles so that shit could relax in there, letting inflammation go down, and she was all better save for a limp. All this was from table scraps, not even birthday cake. No more table scraps, and now I'm all the smarter.
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