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On Vox: AggroRancid

A Poets Life
Tim Armstrong

I mentioned this before, but Tim Armstrong (from Rancid) has been working on a solo record with The Aggrolites as his backing band. He's been trickling tracks out to various locations on the internet for a couple of months and almost the whole thing is out. The album officially releases next week, and I'll probably buy it just so I can kick a few bucks to Hell-cat records.

The first three tracks that came out were flat out killers. Really great rocksteady, with a good helping of Tim's punk rock influence. From what I remember, Tim's a long time Trojan/Studio One fan, and he's always put Desmond Dekker among his top influences. There's always been a hint of ska in Operation Ivy and Rancid's records, but for this album, he's really swinging over to that side, and it's been great.

There have been a total of seven tracks released so far, and it's been fun tracking them down from various record distributor's sites, label sites, and myspace pages. A couple of them are a little boring, and none of them really rip as hard as the first three, but I'm really digging this recent one:

04 - Translator
Tim Armstrong

I especially like the refrain and the big ass horns.

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