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I stole this....

....while random journal browsing:

How many States have YOU been to?

Alabama: Yes. Drive-thru.
Alaska: No. (1)
Arkansas: Yes. Drive-thru.
California: Yes. Many times
Colorado: No. (2)
Connecticut: Yes.
Delaware: Yes. Beginning of major adventure.
District of Columbia: Yes.
Florida: Yes. Unfortunately.
Georgia: Yes.
Hawaii: No. (3)
Idaho: Yes. Unscheduled stop-over on the way to Utah.
Illinois: Yes. Been stuck in Chicago traffic.
Indiana: No. (4)
Iowa: No (5)... At least I don't think so.
Kansas: No. (6)
Kentucky: No. (7)
Louisiana: Yes. Drive-thru.
Maine: No. (8) Unless I have. I'm not sure.
Maryland: Yes.
Massachusetts: Yes. Saw Too Much Joy play the Paradise.
Michigan: Yes. Work engagement in Detroit.
Minnesota: Yes. Work engagements in Minneapolis. Fucking Cold.
Mississippi: Yes. Drive-thru.
Missouri: No. (9) But I don't know if I'd notice if I had been there.
Montana: No. (10)
Nebraska: No. (11)
Nevada: Yes. Hell yes.
New Hampshire: No. (12)
New Jersey: Yes. I was born there. Many will die there.
New Mexico: Yes.
New York: Yes.
North Carolina: Yes.
North Dakota: No. (13) See South Dakota.
Ohio: Yes. Work engagements in Columbus and Cleveland.
Oklahoma: No (14), and that's a good thing.
Oregon: Yes.
Pennsylvania: Yes.
Rhode Island: No. (15)
South Carolina: Yes.
South Dakota: No. (16) See North Dakota.
Tennessee: Yes.
Texas: Yes. Many many long miles.
Utah: Yes. And I've been to a strip club there.
Vermont: No. (17)
Virginia: Yes.
Washington: Yes. It's where I sleep, most nights.
West Virginia: Yes.
Wisconsin: No. (18)
Wyoming: No. (19) Is it still there? I thought we sold it or something.

Yes: 31 + 1 DC
No: 19