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Steve's Guide to Vegetarian Living - Part II

Day Three.

Dude. Smart Dogs. They taste and smell like hot dogs. I should mention that I am one kid who loves the hell out of hot dogs and hot dog related items (see yesterday). So I was a bit skeptical of Smart Dogs. It's one thing to eat a soy dog that's been battered and deep fried, but could the soy dog stand on its own? Well, I'm here to tell you that it does... for the most part. And you know what's really cool? They only take about 35 seconds to cook in the microwave, and they survive the microwave a lot better than real hot dogs. I give a big thumbs up to Smart Dogs. Perhaps tomorrow I will chop a couple up in a can of Bush's Vegetarian Baked Beans and see how that goes.

Other news: I think I found a new apartment. It's at least as big as this place and about half the rent (no shit). Plus, it's a month to month lease, so if I decide to blow this town, I'm not stuck. Cool. The only thing I need to find out is if DSL is available there, because I don't want to lose the ability to host the DamnDirtyDataCenter out of my living room.
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