Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

On Vox: Nice little Saturday

  • Rolled out of bed around noon
  • Fed Lisa's kitties
  • Had me a burrito at Pancho Villa
  • Couple of hours in Dolores Park watching people and reading the first seven or so chapters of Choke by Chuck Palahniuk, which is going to be fucking awesome.
  • Record shopping at Rooky Records (score: 45 of Smoky Places by the Corsairs)
  • Record shopping at Amoeba (score: Beach Boys Greatest Hits Vol. 2 on vinyl, which happens to start with my most favorite of their songs)
    • + The star of Faster Pussycat Kill Kill was there signing autographs
    • - Because of this I wasn't allowed in the Reggae vinyl section
  • Home, shower, play with Rudy
  • Over to T-Bone's house to meet up with her, her man, and Paul
  • Dinner at some BBQ joint in their hood
  • Back to their place for a couple glasses of scotch, and story tellin'
  • Back to my couch to listen to aforementioned Beach Boys and document a pretty nice day

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