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movin' on up

well well well... i found me a new apartment. it is about $600 cheaper than my current place, in a cooler location, and about the same size. it has its own private garage, and the owner said i could put up a satellite dish. word.

so... the interesting part is that liz (yes... liz...) will be taking the apartment two doors down from me, and we'll be splitting the garage. well, i'll be filling the garage with my truck and a bunch of scooters and we'll somehow squeeze her car in there too. now, if you're like everyone else, you're saying "uh... living two doors down from your ex-wife... is that a... uh... good thing?". yes. it's fine. we are good friends. it will be fun.

and if not, it's a month to month lease. we can have a showdown of some sort to see who gets to stay.

man... i can't wait to get out of this place. i flat out told my landlord, "dude. i can't afford to get my car broken into anymore." nothing he could say to that, really.

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