Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

On Vox: The weekend was good.

Ah, three day weekend. How are you over so fast?

It was good though. I started off on Friday afternoon kickin' it on the Six Apart couches with Krissy, Mena, and Ben, brainstorming ideas for Questions of the Day and Vox Hunt. We came up with some funny stuff, most of which we could probably never actually ask. It was fun nonetheless. After that, I fed Rudy and then picked up Lisa at Peter's house where she was dogsitting. We headed downtown and had some delicious fried items at a pub, and then saw Superbad. I'd already seen it, but Lisa hadn't, and it's so good that I had to see it again.

Saturday was a good do nothing day. I lounged around the house, playing with the dog and listening to records for hours. I did a tiny amount of yard work and scooter work, but for the most part, I just did literally nothing. It was awesome. Around 7, I got dinner from the Cheesesteak shop, since Grumblebunny was all "cheesesteak, cheesesteak, cheesesteak" last week and gave me cheesesteak on the brain. OMG cheesesteak, how I love you so. I brought my delicious cheesesteak home and watched "This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated" which is pretty amazing, and also gave me like five movies to put in my Netflix queue.

The plan for Saturday was to play disc golf in the morning, and then barbecue, and then possibly have a bonfire at the beach. I found out at the last minute that there was a big stinky hippie jam going on in Golden Gate Park right near the course, so I went over in the morning to survey the scene. Mobbed with dirty nasty hippies. It was like that South Park episode where there's a huge hippie jam and they have to build a machine to drill through them so they can put on Slayer and disperse the hippies. Actually, it was worse, because they were real, and they were... ew. We bagged disc golf.

Garth and Sarah came over early and we went to the store to get food items and disc golf discs for the next day. Ice cream was eaten. I bought a silly contraption that you screw in to a pineapple, and it cores and slices it all at once. So awesome! Not awesome was the terribly overripe pineapple I purchased with it. I'm no good at shopping for produce.

We got back to the house and Garth worked on his beans incessantly while I marinated my steak. Then we wanted some Flight of the Conchords until more people showed up. Once Casey, Adam, Lisa, Nick, and Rebecca joined us, I fired up the grill, and many bits of beef, fish, and corn were grilled. Garth continued to work on his beans while the rest of us tried to eat the fruit that he'd soaked in what he claims was vodka, but what I suspect was turpentine, or possibly radiator fluid. I had one piece of watermelon and was blinded.

Rudy ate chips, and fish, and some hamburger, and a little bit of steak, and some corn, and some corn cobs, and some of Garth's beans, and possibly some vodka watermelon. Surprisingly, he did not puke. Not surprisingly, he's moving a little slow today.

After we ate, we built a fire in the fire pit out in the yard and made a little circle with our chairs, got sufficiently intoxicated, and kicked it, camping style. It was good fun. At some point, I was asked to drop my pants so a picture could be taken with Garth's camera while he was inside. Sorry about that Garth.

When it got too cold, we dumped out Garth's beans and watched more Conchords. We drank more, and eventually everyone died.

This morning, I met Nick and Garth over at the disc golf course and we played a round. Those guys did really well for their first time playing, and I did pretty well myself, considering how rusty I am. The course was less crowded than I'd anticipated, which was nice, and nobody permanently lost any discs, so that was good.

After disc golf, I came home, made some lunch, and chilled with Rudy for a while. The house looked like Motley Crue had stayed over, so I spent a little while cleaning and now I'm back on my couch, sleepy dog on my lap, and getting ready for a quiet evening. Tomorrow: back to work.

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