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On Vox: A typical day...

...on Instant Messenger with Lisa.

  12:26:20 PM plus20dexterity: hi                                                                          
  1:48:17 PM vespa59: howdeee
  1:48:39 PM plus20dexterity: heyyyy
  1:49:05 PM vespa59: brb... meeting :(
  2:33:39 PM vespa59: hi
  3:05:56 PM: plus20dexterity is now Away (was Online)
  3:29:38 PM: plus20dexterity is now Online (was Away)
  3:30:32 PM plus20dexterity: hi
  3:31:23 PM vespa59: hi
  3:31:27 PM plus20dexterity: hi
  3:31:45 PM vespa59: um. hi.
  5:07:10 PM plus20dexterity: i think i really need a drink post worky
  5:07:11 PM plus20dexterity: or now

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Sep. 13th, 2007 07:03 am (UTC)
And here I thought she was just being abrupt with me!
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