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I'm not really sure why I'm updating. This entry will probably not have much of a point. But, I feel like writing something... So here you go.

Let's see... there's a good show opening Friday at Roq La Rue. Gods and Monsters. Looks like some cool stuff and a few artists I'm familiar with. Very nice.

I'm afraid I might be having a wisdom tooth issue. Upper left. It hurts a bit back there when my mouth gets contorted in various ways (and we all know how much mouth contorting I like to do). I can feel that there's a tooth back there sticking out. I can't remember if it's always been there. It seems to be pretty straight and all in one piece, so maybe it just hurts for no particular reason, or because it's growing in a bit more. Anyway, I'm going to avoid going to the dentist on this one as much as possible. A year ago, he really wanted to take out my wisdom teeth, but he was unable to provide a really good reason other than preventative maintenance. Whatever, brother. If you're gonna put me through the hellish pain of a four wisdom tooth extraction, you'd better have better reasons than that. So, I'm afraid if I go to him with this, he'll automatically tell me he's gotta pull them all out. Freak. Maybe he still believes in the tooth fairy and he figures my wisdom teeth will snag him a couple bucks. Man. Everyone just wants to get a piece of Steve, don't they? Fuckers.

I went for drinks tonight with one person I know and about 13 people I don't. Then, the person I know went to the other end of the table to talk to her friends, so I was left sort of alone. I talked to the three people at my end of the table and found that one of the people had grown up in Arizona, but hadn't lived there in over ten years. So I'm going on and on about how stupid Phoenix is and how the people there all irritate me and all the reasons why. Then she says, "Yeah... I still have a lot of friends there..." Oops. Sorry about that. I'm sure your friends are very nice people.

Then we started talking about games that we've made up. So I explained Danger Bowling. And now I shall explain Danger Bowling to you.

Take one bowling pin and place it on a desk. Unfortunately, the official Danger Bowling desk is MY desk. Now, mark a three foot square area about five feet in front of the desk. This is the "bounce zone". Now, make a rubber band ball that's about seven inches in diameter and weighs about 6 pounds. This will take you a while, and will require a lot of rubber bands. These three items, and some sort of board or paper to keep score on, are all you need.

How to play: Stand about five feet back from the "bounce zone", behind Schenkey's desk. If Schenkey doesn't work in your office, then just mark a spot about five feet back from the "bounce zone". Now, throw the ball so it bounces in the "bounce zone" and hits the bowling pin.

If the ball hits the pin directly and knocks it down, you get a strike! If it indirectly causes the pin to fall, like from hitting the table hard enough, or bouncing off my monitor, or ricocheting off the wall, then you get a spare. I know it's stupid to get a spare when there's only one throw per frame, but it's my game, dammit. Anyway... that's a spare. If you don't knock the pin down, you get a zero. If you don't hit the "bounce zone", you get a foul and lose your turn.

Keep score like you do in normal bowling. There are ten frames, with one throw per frame, except in the tenth frame, where there can be three throws, as long as each one is a spare or strike. Add points for things damaged and broken. One point for something you were going to throw away anyway (like your Pepsi), three points for something personal (framed picture of your dog), five points for something belonging to the company or someone else that you will be able to hide (mouse, box of fries...), seven points for something belonging to the company or someone else that you'll end up having to pay for (computer, phone, flux capacitor, nuclear reactor...), and nine points for something that you might get fired for (boss's Porsche, $30k server, Penske file...).

So there you go. I guess this entry did actually have a point.

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