Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

On Vox: Writin' and Shootin'

Thanks again to homie Ray for hooking me up with Ground Control Magazine to do show reviews and photos. My first few pieces are up, in which I review the Fratellis, shoot The Hives and Eagles of Death Metal, and review Rancid and The Adolescents.

I'm trying to find a publicity contact for Cake, so I can shoot and/or review their somewhat secret-ish show tonight at the Independent, but so far have come up empty.

That's ok though, because tonight I have a SUPER AWESOME activity planned. I'm going to phone bank for No on Prop 8 (did you make your video yet?)! Yep, I'm going to spend three hours calling random voters in probably rural areas and asking them not to vote against gay marriage. The verbal abuse is going to be amazing.

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know how I can record calls on my iPhone?

Originally posted on pop.vox.com


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