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On Vox: Want somma dis'?

My mangled mouth continued to bleed throughout the night, which was awesome. I didn't sleep well at all. I kept waking up to a huge blood clot having formed around my upper teeth. At around 3, I got up and pulled if off, not really caring if that would cause more bleeding. I just wanted the sensation out of my mouth. I woke up again a few minutes ago with an even larger clot - about the size and consistency of an olive - formed around three teeth. I have to admit that ripping it off is kind of awesome.... sort of like pulling off a gigantic scab, all in one piece, and it doesn't hurt at all. This time, it ripped off well below the gum line, so I'm hoping there's enough left to help the actual open parts keep healing.

At least my mouth doesn't hurt as badly as they said it was going to. It hurts, but not enough to warrant any whining about it. My stomach feels sick, either from all the blood I've swallowed (does that happen to vampires?) or from the sight and act of pulling large chunks of coagulated blood out of my mouth. Either way, I think that's my least favorite part.

It sucks getting old. I'm noticing that it really takes a lot longer to heal.

Here's a picture that the missus took of me last night, before the gigantic clots formed:

She says it's kind of hot. I wouldn't go anywhere near me if I saw that.

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