Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

On Vox: Crazy day

Woke up. Got sandwiches. Went to Dolores Park to watch the Red Bull Soapbox Derby. Enjoyed sun and warmth. Wore out the dog. Came home. Played some Yahtzee. Got dressed. Got on motorcycle. Rode to San Jose. Ate seafood. Saw The Roots. Rode home.

Further detail:
1. The sandwich shop is called Mr. Pickle's and the old lady in there loves to make lettuce wrap sandwiches for Scotch, who is allergic to wheat

2. Soapbox Derby was hilarious and fun. It was so nice in the park.

3. Got my ass kicked at Yahtzee. Again.

4. Ride to San Jose was long.

5. Seafood was pretty fucking good. Some place called Hawgs (weird) in San Ho.

6. Roots were... not good. When did they become a prog rock jam band? Highlight of the show was surprise guest Mos Def joining them on stage for one song.

7. Ride home SUCKED. Freezing cold. Traffic due to accident. Almost ran out of gas looking for gas station near the airport. Almost slammed in to broken down car that didn't pull out of the lane. He had no lights. When I got around him, I noticed that two other vehicles (maybe had stopped to help) were in the two right lanes, stopped. I had no choice but to go around them on the right. This was all at 75mph. Second scariest motorcycle dodge I've ever been in. Actually, scariest by far, since Scotch was with me.

Long time suspicion confirmed: Going to San Jose not worth the trouble.

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