Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

More stabbing

I went to the eye doctor again today in the continuing saga of "What the Fuck is Wrong With My Eyelid?" We figured out that another steroid injection was probably a good way to go, since most of the last one just leaked out through the large incisions he had made on the inside of my eyelid a few minutes prior. Disturbingly, I was relieved at this, since the alternative surely would have been another session of "Let's Slice the Fucker Open Again". And that shit really hurts. Anyway... there were three nice injections into the ol' eyelid today, and hopefully they are the last.

Oh... I don't think I've mentioned on here, but I have a cool new cell phone with a camera built in to it. It is super-fly. Here's a picture I took at the eye doctor's today while waiting to get stabbed:

I'm not sure what all this baby does, but today it was used to bring a blue light obnoxiously close to my eyeball, and then TOUCH it. Ewww.

Let's see... you should also know that I got me a new haircut. I do not like it at all. I asked her to cut it short on the sides, and short-ish on top, but long enough that it stayed curly up there. I got this (also taken with my new phone):

If you are lytha, then you're probably throwing up right now.

Sucks. I'm getting used to it though. And, it's nice to not have a whole bunch of hair. I've been swimming at the gym once a week, and it's gonna be a lot better and less embarrassing without those stupid pigtails in my hair.

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