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On Vox: Religious bigots

Proposition 8 does not have to mean the end of this fight. What it does have to mean is NO MORE FUCKING AROUND. Gavin Newsom cannot rub every little victory in peoples' faces. Overzealous parents cannot send children to City Hall to watch Satan marry two sinners in front of the world's eyes. People can't be polite, or lazy, or complacent anymore. Gloves need to come off, middle fingers need to go up, damage needs to be done. No more "agree to disagree" with these fucking people.

I've seen one good idea so far this morning from Jamison. Make Google suffer for running those ads. They made us ALL look and feel shitty with one hypocritical signing of a deal. I hope every gay employee at Google walks out.

Right now, I've got nothing. I'm too pissed off and disappointed. The best I can come up with is smash and burn, but I know that's not the answer, so I'm not leaving my bed for an hour or so. The dog and his "domestic partner", Mr. Frog, will help me stay calm.

I'd like to see something on the next ballot where California dismantles all recognition of the word marriage. If that's what this has all been about, then fine. Make it a religious word, and get it the fuck out of the government. Make the civil union or domestic partnership or whatever the fuck it is be the ONLY legally recognized union and make it illegal for any business or public entity to not recognize it as such. Teach only civil unions in school, as the M word would be a violation of church and state, and teach kids that it's for everyone. Maybe that way, in a generation or two, this bigotry will be forgotten, or at least relegated to the fundamentalist wingnut sector where it belongs. Actually, scratch that part about not teaching kids the M word. Teach it in history. Let them know that we used to have quite a joyous occasion in our lives where we'd celebrate the fuck out of our union with our friends and family, but now it has to be just business and signing of paperwork.

What a fucking waste.

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Nov. 6th, 2008 02:13 am (UTC)
My girl and I, should we ever decide to get married, are planning on having a civil union (for the same reasons that you point out in your last paragraph). We're in Vermont, we have those here... and if it's "good enough for gay people" it should be good enough for us straight folk too.
Nov. 6th, 2008 10:35 am (UTC)
I would sign any petition to get a proposition on the ballot banning marriage from government. I would also like to see this go to the federal supreme court with any new picks Obama might make to have this shit declared unconstitutional once and for all. I am SO ANGRY with the people of this state and the other states that voted similarly. We will look back on this in deepest shame, just as we do with any situation in which we've treated whole groups of people differently under the law (ie women not being allowed to vote and segregation). I'm pleased that Obama has won but this has left a bitter taste in my mouth.
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