Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Man oh man. It's windier than a {insert description of really really windy situation here}. I rode the Rally here, which was kind of scary. It was pretty hard to steer at some points. I was sliding all over my lane and I was kind of worried that a traffic light would blow off the wire and hit me.

It's cool watching the trees bend and the water on Elliot Bay looks really cool. Lots of white waves. Traffic cams from the 520 bridge show waves washing over it, which must be lots of fun for the commuters. I hope none are on bikes.

Right now my scooter is parked down on Mercer, trying her best to not fall over. When I went to leave the apartment, I opened the garage door and was standing next to her getting my gloves and stuff together and the bookshelf that was behind me blew over. It slammed into my back and the radio that was on top of it was catapulted on to my scooter. Little to no damage, I'd say, but still freaky.

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