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I'm going on tour.

Alright now. I'm thinking a major east coast tour is gonna be happening for me. I've realized that there are people I want to hang out with in the following cities: New York City, Boston, Philly, Richmond, and probably some other points I've forgotten.

So here's what I'm thinking: I'm gonna book me a flight to NYC so that I arrive a day or two before the Gotham rally and depart two weeks later. During that two weeks, I'm gonna just hang out wherever and whenever I can. I figure I can rent a car and go to Boston and Philly whenever it's convenient for people there, and I can figure out some easy way to get down to Richmond, I'm sure...

So my question to you east coast people is: Who's willing to put me up on their couch for a couple of days and who wants to get together and hang out? And most importantly, who's got an extra scooter I can use for Gotham?

I'm thinking there's also a good possibility I'll find a cheap flight from New York to somewhere in Europe that's on my list of places I wanna go, so I might do that for like a week in there somewhere, I think. Anyone out there wanna go somewhere in Europe with me?

You're probably wondering what brought all this on. Well, for one, I really wanna go to that rally. I've never been to an east coast rally. In fact, I've never been to a rally east of Arizona. Second, I sort of grew up out there. We lived there until I was about 14 and I haven't really spent any significant amount of time back there since then. Third, I need a really freaking long vacation without much of a schedule. Fourth, and possibly most significant, is that I've recently been contacted by my best friend from my grade school days and we've been catching up. I'd really like to spend some time hanging out with him. Fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth: I'd really like to explore NYC as an adult, I'd really like to visit modernpoverty on her own turf, I really like the idea of going to Europe pretty much on a whim, I'd like to drive down to the little town I grew up in in southern Jersey and say hello to my old house on Tuckahoe road and the Wa-Wa where I first developed my shoplifting skills as a lad.

See you in the EST...
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