Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

There is no end...

People, in general, are infinitely stupid:

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People, in general, are infinitely stupid:

<ahref = "http://www.msnbc.com/news/715716.asp?0na=x22266Y0" target="new">Look at this</a>

Why, these days, would you tell a National Guardsman that you are going to blow up the airport? Does it not occur to these people yet that this shit is taken very seriously? There is no figurative speech at the airport. There is no joking around with airport security. Yeah, it really sucks that people who think that they're funny or witty or even tough have to restrain themselves and behave like grown-ups for a little while, but that's just how it is. When you look at the article, make sure to read the little feature about all the different breaches of airport security that have happened since Sept. 11. The only words I have left are "What the fuck?" What kind of moron thinks he can go through security and get checked, then go back out, grab a bag, and run the wrong way up an escalator (which, no doubt would attract a lot of attention) to avoid security and not realize that it's going to be a major disaster?

My proposal: People shall be issued a "flying license". You scan it every time you go through airport security. Every time you get through without causing any incidents, and I mean ANY incidents, including setting off the metal detector, you get points. Once you get above a certain number of points, you're allowed to use the "express lane" which, since it would only be used by people who have a lot of points, is bound to be faster. Set off the metal detector ever and you get points taken away. Do some kind of stupid shit like joking about having a bomb in your shoe to the security screener, and your license gets suspended for a while. Do something REALLY stupid that causes an evacuation or something similar, and your license gets revoked. No more flying for you, stupid. Some people, while mostly innocent of any sort of consipiracy to blow anything up or kill anyone, are just too fucking stupid to make it through this system without screwing it up for themselves and other people. I don't need this crap. Every time I fly (at least since 9/11), I show up at least an hour early. Longer than that if I'm checking anything. I don't bring any knives, guns, hand grenades, nuclear weapons, or anything that even resembles them. Before I get in line for security, I take everything metal off my person, and put it in my bag. This includes all change, keys, my belt.. everything. Not so much as a gum wrapper on me. I even take off my shoes, because they have steel toes, and run them through the x-ray as well. I do this BEFORE I get in the line. Not when it's my turn to go through. I walk through, I get my bag from the belt, I give a courteous nod to the security screener, and I get the hell out of the way. Total delay caused to other travelers: 0. So why, knowing that I am intelligent enough to make it through the security system without causing any alarms or delays, should I have to wait in the same line as the guy who rolls up to the x-ray, throws his laptop on, stands right in front of it while fishing around in his pocket for 15 minutes for change, forgets to take off his watch, and then says something to the screener like "oh... must be the grenade in my pants! a ha ha ha!"? He should be pulled from the line and beaten by everyone behind him. Then he should have to go to the end of the line and go through the metal detector naked. And then he should be beaten again... for good measure.

Ok... enough of that.

I'm insanely tired and cranky today. I moved yesterday. Well, for the most part. There's still a ton of stuff at the old place, which I'm not looking forward to dealing with. Then I have to clean it up. And I have to unpack at the new place. I just want to sleep. For a long long time.

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