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Number of "Breaking News" items in my news ticker today: 46
Number of those having to do with the space shuttle: 39

Fuck, I hate the media. Guess I'll go home now and get bombarded with even more coverage. Maybe someone will do a nice long piece about how two of the wires used in the shuttle are made in countries that support terrorism. Or perhaps one about how the corrosive acid in some bird crap that hit the shuttle on the pad fourteen years ago may have compromised the integrity of the heat shielding tiles. Or perhaps someone will do a story about how I'm sad that the space shuttle blew up (again) and that people died, but I really don't care about every minute detail related to such.

In unrelated news, I am in a good ass mood today, boy, so don't even try to fuck it up, because you just be wastin' yo' time. Go ahead - pile a bunch of work on me, give me a parking ticket, tease me in the locker room... Punch me in the neck if you want. Ain't nothin' messin' wit' my flow today.


Feb. 5th, 2003 03:12 pm (UTC)
Whoa... Easy there, Anonymous (man... they're ALWAYS anonymous, aren't they?)..

First off, Vespa142 didn't say anything about trying to score a blowjob so don't use that as a way to try to devalue his plight by trying to make him look shallow.

Second, his restaurant experience has nothing to do with the shuttle or media coverage thereof. I said I was having a good day, and his restaurant anecdote was meant to be an indication of his own day. We are friends, and we like to keep each other appraised of the quality of our days, despite whatever horrible events are taking place in the world.

Third, you might consider enrolling yourself in some sort of reading comprehension program. Nowhere in my post or Vespa142's response do we say anything to indicate that we don't care about people getting killed. The point was that the media is bombarding us constantly with coverage of every little detail. If one of my family members were killed then yes, I would want to know details, but don't you think I'd get those details from some source other than the freaking news? Further, if seven members of my family were killed in a car crash, I wouldn't want to have to watch it on the news every waking moment for weeks afterwards. And frankly, I certainly wouldn't want to have to spend all my time going over the hundreds of theories that all of these alleged journalists have regarding what actually caused the accident.

Absence of compassion? Bullshit. If I were to meet a relative or friend of one of the victims of this disaster, my first words to them would be, "I'm sorry for your loss, and I'm sorry the cause of your pain is on 40 different channels twenty four hours a day."

Now then, you might wanna call up your internet provider and tell them that the little filter that goes between your brain and my LiveJournal doesn't seem to be working. If it were, you wouldn't waste my time and yours with your poorly thought out devil's advocate bullshit.