Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken


Number of "Breaking News" items in my news ticker today: 46
Number of those having to do with the space shuttle: 39

Fuck, I hate the media. Guess I'll go home now and get bombarded with even more coverage. Maybe someone will do a nice long piece about how two of the wires used in the shuttle are made in countries that support terrorism. Or perhaps one about how the corrosive acid in some bird crap that hit the shuttle on the pad fourteen years ago may have compromised the integrity of the heat shielding tiles. Or perhaps someone will do a story about how I'm sad that the space shuttle blew up (again) and that people died, but I really don't care about every minute detail related to such.

In unrelated news, I am in a good ass mood today, boy, so don't even try to fuck it up, because you just be wastin' yo' time. Go ahead - pile a bunch of work on me, give me a parking ticket, tease me in the locker room... Punch me in the neck if you want. Ain't nothin' messin' wit' my flow today.

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