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Of course!!

From Motorcycle News:

Italy raises speed limits for safer motorways

10 Feb 2003

Speed limits are being raised in Italy to improve road safety.

Italian transport minister Pietro Lunardi believes higher speeds will improve the traffic flow, and encourage motorists to pay attention. The change will affect three-lane motorways, with the limit raising to 150km/h (93mph), from January 1, 2004. Lunardi went on to say that psychologists and doctors say people who go faster drive better and are more careful, and that only 9 per ent of fatal accidents were caused by speeding.

The decision has been praised by the Assocation of British Drivers. ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries was " ecstatic. It seems common sense is percolating through the road safety establishment in Italy. " He feels a similar speed would be sensible for UK motorways, where " no-one would be stopped for less than 100mph. "

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