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The End of an Era

Somewhere, off in a rural area of Kansas, a short, mulleted 40 something year old man puts down his half empty can of Miller High Life. He delivers a symbolic smack to the face of his ever faithful wife, his darling high-school sweetheart, who gave birth to their first child on the way home from the prom. He swings open the door to the double-wide and descends the three stairs, stepping over a Big Wheel(tm), then walks across the yard to a blue tarp. He peels it back gently, like the nurse at the free clinic removing his bandages a week after the now infamous "corn skewer vs. eyeball" incident.

Sitting in the torn and cigarette burned bucket seat, he softly hums the sweet and gentle melody of "Slow Ride", as he struggles to suppress a single tear.

With a brief surge of hope, however futile, he turns the ignition key.




Finally, the man releases his grip on his youth. Distant memories rapidly pulse through his brain: Racing down the dirt road between the interstate and the creek, running them Mexicans off the road just outside of town, waiting for Susie - dear, sweet, Susie - to finally pass out in the back seat so he could shake off his innocence and succumb to his destiny as a man.

He sits alone in the Camaro, longing, wanting for those carefree days and wondering how his life might be different, had he made different choices, when a thought - an epiphany - pierces the haze of cheap beer and hard life, striking him with the deep and all important realization that...

...it's time for Judge Judy.

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