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Hey girl, move a little closer, cause you're too shy shy. Hush hush, I know why.

Ok... The world is small. I'm starting to notice weird links between LiveJournal friends that shouldn't be there. That is, friends from one circle are showing up on the friends lists of friends from another circle.

For example:

I am friends with A. Through A, I become friends with B. B is my friend through A. Follow me so far? Good. Now then, I am also friends with Y and through Y, I become friends with Z. Z is my friend through Y, just like B is my friend through A. As far as I know, A and Y don't know each other at all, so it wouldn't really make sense for B and Z to know each other now, would it? WRONG! Cause I pop up Z's friends page and there's B, right there.

This is starting to happen more and more. My friends list ain't all that big, and it's loaded up with people from all over the country, yet they're all tangled up out there in some weird net. An "inter-net" of sorts. Weird.

Something else that's on my mind: It's 3:40 and I haven't fucking eaten fucking lunch yet. I'm waiting for Sherwin to get out of a meeting so we can go to the gym and THEN eat lunch. I don't like going to the gym on a full stomach. I'm afraid of spewing in the pool or on one of the machines. They don't like that. Anyway, if Sherwin were to get out of his meeting right this instant (not bloody likely, by the way) it would be about 5 before I get to eat lunch.

Good thing I got this pile of oranges on my desk.

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