Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

"So where are the strong?
And who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony?"

Things are getting worse. Quickly. The chief redneck is going to announce tonight that war's starting in 72 hours whether we like it or not. Iraq's response is that he should just leave office, which I'm sure isn't going to help matters. Someone from my state got run over by an Israeli bulldozer trying to prevent it from demolishing the home of a Palestinian pharmacist, which may not be directly related to the Big Event, but still really sucks. The redneck's followers are going to the lengths of boycotting one of their favorite bands (The Dixie Chicks, who apparently had the nerve to use their stage to express their opinion, which turned out to be the unpopular one) and trying to convince everyone else to boycott and alienate one of our allies.

I swear there's gotta be a large portion of the population of this country that would authorize dropping bombs on France if they were asked. People are so fucking simple-minded and tunnel-visioned. They use a small percentage of facts to easily convince themselves into adopting the popular opinion, where they feel security and a sense of belonging, instead of making an effort to understand all sides and come up with something for themselves. Then, they all cling to the same four or five little facts and bits of information and try to build them up to make a case, as if they're going to sway someone who actually knows and understands WHY they believe what they believe. They're like a bunch of children, desperately hoping that if they ask dad for a Razor scooter enough times, he'll buy it for them. They don't know why they want it, and they can't really give dad a good reason to buy it for them, but they know that if they just keep asking, he'll eventually break down.

I'm not buying anyone a Razor scooter. I'm not boycotting anything French. In fact, I'm gonna go out of my way to buy more French stuff and be nicer to French people, just to piss you off. I'm not changing my mind about this war. Certainly not unless you can come up with something better than "Saddam is a maniac and he has to be stopped right now!". Sorry. And don't try to come back at me with that crap about doing this to prevent terrorism. This IS fucking terrorism. We're gonna go kill a bunch of theirs just to ensure that they don't decide to come kill a bunch of ours? That's really, REALLY stupid. If anything's going to convince them to kill a bunch of us, it's killing a bunch of them. History shows that nothing gets people in the fightin' mood like vengeance.

I can't believe how fucked up everything is.

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