Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Hate the media

CNN Headline News just now:

One of their "journalists" is doing a piece about protests. They show a bunch of people in Australia going off over the fact that they're going to send 2000 soldiers to Iraq.

She talked about how a poll from a few months ago showed 75% of Australians were opposed to the war. The rest of this is directly quoted from her:

"A recent poll now shows that 50% of Australians SUPPORT the war. So, just because you see all those protests doesn't mean they're the majority."

FUCK YOU, CNN. That's the most flimsy, unnecessary, and obviously pro-war statement an allegedly unbiased journalist could make.

Man, I wish The Daily Show was doing 24 hour coverage. I mean, they're obviously biased too, but at least if you flipped back and forth from Daily Show to CNN, you'd get some semblance of balance.

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