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I'm fucking sick of seeing "Support Our Troops" everywhere. "I know you're against the war but right now you need to be supporting our troops... so quit speaking out against the war."


Ok... first of all, even if the troops were aware of the fact that I'm against this war, they certainly wouldn't be dumb enough to take that as me being against them, would they? I mean, one of the reasons I don't want the war is because I don't want anyone, including them, to be killed over this shit.

Second, what the fuck does it mean, anyway, "Support Our Troops"? You think that by waving some fucking sign at the freeway overpass you're contributing in some way? Just walking around saying "Support Our Troops" doesn't really do anything for them. If you really wanted to support them, you'd go out there and do their laundry, or make them lunch, or pick up a gun and kill you some Iraqis.

Or maybe the best way anyone can support our troops is to take them out of this war and quit risking their lives unnecessarily.

Anyway, here's a task for you all. It's not easy to do, could result in an ass kicking or two, but is guaranteed fun. I promise to do this too. From now on, when you see someone with a "Support Our Troops" sign, go up to them and ask them "How?" Conversations should go something like this:

Me: "How?"
SOT: "How what?"
Me: "How shall I support our troops?"
SOT: "Huh?"
Me: "You want me to support our troops, but I don't know how to go about doing that."
SOT: "Ummm.. send them some cookies!"
Me: "Oh... so like when they're in the hospital, they can have fond memories of their last solid food?"
SOT: "Go away. I have guns."



Mar. 27th, 2003 03:53 pm (UTC)
Oh, don't even get me started.

1. The troops probably aren't even all that aware of what's going on over here. The military media will make damn sure that they don't hear anything that might cause them to question what they're doing.

2. I just finished reading Anthony Swofford's memoir, Jarhead, last week. It convinced me that in the unlikely event that the troops do know about continued widespread opposition, we're not doing anyone any favors by helping to create the illusion that this is a "moral war." Many Vietnam veterans who went over believing in what they were doing have spent the rest of their lives trying to make amends.

3. The right likes to bring up the spectre of hippie potheads spitting at Vietnam veterans and calling them babykillers, but it wasn't the hippies that caused the most damage to Vietnam vets, it was the "respectable" conservative types who thought returning soldiers should be squeaky clean pillars of society, not the scruffy, alienated, traumatized creatures who had trouble adjusting to civilian life and were often unaccountably angry at the government.

4. The administration is fucking over our veterans even as I write this, cutting $25 billion from veterans' benefits.

Looks like I got started anyways.