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That bike is cursed...

Well... I just barbecued the Rally. It was supposed to be a simple procedure, really. I just took off the spare tire, took out the battery, attached some semi-permanent leads for quick connection of my battery charger, and put the battery back. Trouble struck when I put the spare back on. One of the wires off the positive of the battery got caught between the rim of the spare and the body of the bike, so as I tightened it down, it squished the wire, and eventually broke through the insulation, connecting the wire to the bike. So this basically made a complete circuit from the positive of the battery, through the bike, to the ground wire, back to the negative of the battery.

Result: Smoke. Lots of smoke. Fearing exploding battery, I got the fuck out of dodge and watched it from about 10 feet away. When the smoke stopped, I got to see the real damage. The ground wire from the battery's negative to the frame totally burned, and it burned up some wires that were around it. So now I get to replace a bunch of wires and hope that there wasn't any damage internally to the any of the mysterious boxes where all the wires seem to come from. Ugh.

Oh well... It'll be nice to ride the red bike for a while, I suppose.

In other news, my DSL is hooked up (in theory) and as soon as my gateway gets here from DirecTVDSL, I can hook it up and the DamnDirtyDataCenter can finally come home. So I got that goin' for me. Which is nice.
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