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Yo, 4hour_ramona

1. How's your weekend look? I'm thinking this weekend might be time for silkscreen-a-palooza.

2. I got a friend, shakespearssis, who can probably offer some guidance about getting to sell your stuff. She took some kick ass photography and make a little e-business out of it... with little to no human contact! Would you like me to try to arrange some sort of contact?

3. Puppies.


Apr. 8th, 2003 01:41 pm (UTC)
ok... next time I see her online, i'll see if she wouldn't mind helpin' ya out.

hmmm... lemme see what's on the calendar for this weekend. i think it's free. i'll go to the art store and get silk and chemicals and whatnot.

you should bring:
1. whatever you want to make prints on (railboard, t-shirts, the beatnik, etc...)
2. silkscreen inks of whatever colors you want to print (available at most art stores)
3. a transparency of whatever you want to make a screen out of. this should be high contrast black on transparency. to do it, i usually take a .jpg of something, grayscale it, and then crank the contrast up pretty high. then i take it to kinko's and just print directly on a transparency. this should be whatever size you want the prints to be, but not too gigantic. 8 1/2 x 11 is a good first project.

and that's it! oh... you don't by any chance have like a 100' garden hose do you?