Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken


Christ... How disgusting can these people get with their pissing contest?


First off, you've got the issue of up-skirt photography, a totally disgusting violation of someone's privacy. It should be made illegal, with stiff consequences... NOW. But, these idiots have their legislation all tied up because someone wants to be the one who gets credit for getting it through, and someone else is going to hold it up because the person who's for it pissed them off on some other issue altogether. In other words, Dumbass #1 kills Dumbass #2's bill because Dumbass #1 wants hers to go through instead, claiming it's better (oh... and it's NOT). Dumbass #3 blocks Dumbass #1's bill because Dumbass #1 won't hear his other, totally unrelated bill. So now, NOBODY'S bill goes through and pathetic, sick fucks are still at home whacking it to video of unsuspecting peoples' undergarments.

Second thing about this that pisses me off: Limit to the amount medical malpractice victims can claim? WHAT? What self-respecting politician is FOR that sort of thing? There's no limit to the amount of damage an irresponsible or careless doctor can do to someone, so why in the fuck should there be a limit on how much they can be held responsible for? I vote NO.

I hate them all.
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