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yeah yeah yeah...

i finally moved the DamnDirtyDataServer[tm] to my apartment this weekend, so i'm back up and running at full capacity at home once again. so, i should be able to update more frequently. whether i do or not remains to be seen, i suppose.

i am not at all happy today. i don't really want to go into detail about it here, but let's just say i'm pretty bummed about something and leave it at that. sometimes, it REALLY sucks to be me.

today is the day after easter, which means that across the nation, marshmallow peeps are on sale for cheap. that is a damn good thing.

let's see....

this saturday is #13 Baby, the amazing Pixies cover band. but, this weekend is Sprint Scoot in portland. i was planning on skipping the rally, because i was super insanely psyched about seeing #13 Baby again, especially with the person i'm supposed to go with. but, i'm having second thoughts. a rally might be a really good thing for me right about now. i always have fun in portland.

this weekend, i fixed the Rally. i was pretty surprised that it all worked after i put everything together and tried it out. first try, too. lights and horn work, bike runs, etc... simply amazing. i rode all over the place yesterday because it was freaking beautiful out. discovery park is one of my new favorite places to go...

today i went to the doctor. you know what pisses me off about going to the doctor? usually, whatever is wrong with me when i make the appointment is feeling better by the time it's actually time to go in. yesterday i noticed that my knee has been feeling a lot better. certainly better than it did when i made the appointment. so this morning i'm telling the doctor about all my symptoms and i keep adding "but it feels better now". so, he put me on a table, yanked on it and bent it around and stuff and then just told me that it will probably just heal. sucky part is that i'm not supposed to go snowboarding. that really sucks. i only got to go once this year! crap.

well... i got nothing else to report... so i suppose i'll try to get some work done.

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