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Greetings, peoples...

Well, vacation so far is super kick-ass, as expected. So far, I've been on a killer scooter ride, eaten a mountain of meat, seen They Might Be Giants, seen the White Stripes, broken Paul's scooter, stayed in a pretty awesome hotel (we needed a night away from the screaming children that live above Paul), had the ceremonial viewing of Lebowski, and gone on Mr. Paul's Wild Ride. The latter was super cool because I saw some things that I haven't seen in this city before and learned some stuff about how the cable cars work, and what Coit tower is all about. Groovy.

We dropped imasage off at the airport last night before the show, which completely sucked, because now I'm not gonna see her for about 11 days. I miss her already.

The TMBG show was amazing. They opened up for themselves, posing as a TMBG cover band called Sapphire Bullets, who play the entire album of Flood all the way through. Awesome. The real set had some great stuff in it too, including all of Fingertips, Someone Keeps Moving My Chair, and Dr. Worm. Supposedly, every show on this tour is going to have a different set, so I've got high hopes for tonight.

Oh.. they also did this one pretty amazing thing in the middle of the set. They had an FM radio hooked up to the sound system and they turned it on and would tune it to a random station. Whatever came on, they would play along with it, including singing. It was freaking amazing. I didn't really recognize any of the songs. There was a bit of 70's classic rock in there, which I think is one of Flans's specialties, and some other stuff. The amazing part was at the end of it, when they found a classical station, and Linnell played along with what was on there. Even the band was blown away by that.

The White Stripes show rocked pretty hard too. We had great seats in the balcony. The sound was so-so, but freaking loud, so that was good. They played my favorite song off the new album and it was terrifyingly powerful, so that was allllll-right.

Yesterday, Susie and I went to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum and saw genetic oddities and such. It was good fun. Then we rode around a bit and went to Amoeba records. We couldn't stay though, because it was just too overwhelming and we were beat, and we had to get back to meet up with Paul so we could get us some kick ass burritos at Pancho Villa.

Tonight is another TMBG show, and then I ship out to NYC tomorrow to meet up with oldjersey, and buckygirl23, and various others. I'm psyched for this trip, even though I'm gonna be away from my girl for so long.

I'll try to update again later. In the meantime, here's some more pictures:

Saturday scooter ride

The ride took us through the Oakland hills

We ended up at a really cook hardcore biker bar:

Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum

Two Headed Weasel

Me, riding German Bike down Lombard Street

The White Stripes, from far far away

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