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Everyone's your friend... in New York City...

Well... I'm home. I've actually been home since Monday night, but I've been goofing off hardcore. Playing video games, riding the bikes, fixing the bikes, cursing the bikes, etc...

It was so freaking good to get home. I'm glad I cut the trip short because another minute away from imasage and I was going to implode. I don't wanna get too mushy, but our airport reunion was the kind of thing you'd see in a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie. I'm in love with this one, y'all, and it fucking rules.

Anyway, enough of that malarkey. You're sick of it.

So, there was just too much action packed into this trip for me to write about all of it here, so you're gonna have to just ask me about it next time you talk to me. But, to briefly satisfy your burning need for a glimpse at the rockstar-like existence that is me, here's a brief re-cap, picking up after the last update:

The last night in San Francisco was another They Might Be Giants show. It was equally as cool as the first one, with a lot of different songs. I got a set list, which I promised to Simon, so you can't have it. After the show, we got some dessert at Mel's and then hit the sack, because I had to get up reeeeeeeal early for my flights to New York.

In the morning, I started to really realize how bummed I was to be away from home and away from Susie. It was kind of odd, because I hadn't ever been like that before. the thought of being away for another 11 days was seriously bumming me out, so I decided I would call the airline later and change my return flight, and juggle the trip around a bit. This turned out to be a very very very good decision...

I got to Newark and oldjersey picked me up, along with Pavlo from Colorado (I think) and we headed to the Thursday night rally spot... some bar in Manhattan. I ate some Mexican food with buckygirl23, her man, Niabi (I'm sorry, I can't remember how many v's and r's are in your LJ name at the moment), her man, and a couple of other people. I tried something on the table called "Dave's ultimate insanity sauce". The label said to use one drop for an entire pot of chili. I used about a quarter teaspoon for my small order of rice and beans. I had one bite... at first it didn't seem too bad, but over the next minute it turned into sheer torture. I tried to hold a front for a while, like it wasn't bothering me that much, but it was tearing the mouth right out of my face. Holy fuck! It got worse and worse for about 15 minutes. After about an hour and like six glasses of water, it finally subsided and I made a mental note to not eat that anymore.

After dinner, I was fully whipped, so I just chilled at Mary-Clancey and Matt's place, watched TV, and caught up on my email and whatnot while people were out drinking. Rest was good. They have an awesome dog named Otis:

The next day, I rode around with Matt and Dylan, doing stuff. The bike Dylan was on broke, so while they were fixing it, I went to the corner of 5th Ave. and 22nd Street to get a picture from the They Might Be Giants song "Four of Two", which talks about a guy who's waiting for a girl who's supposed to meet him at two o'clock. He keeps waiting and waiting, but every time he checks the big clock on the side of the building it says that it's four of two, so he knows she's not late. But he doesn't realize the clock is broken. Anyway, I went there, and there was a little clock sticking out of the side of a building, but it was stuck on ten to one, so I figured that wasn't it. Phooey. I did get a good new york-ey picture with my phone though:

More phone pictures:

The lovely Miss Mary-Clancey

Some dog in Brooklyn

Later that night, I reluctantly went out to hang out with everyone at the various bars. It turned out to be good fun and I'm glad I went out. I met some new friends, and got to hang with some old ones at some pretty cool places. One of the places was a bar called the Remote Lounge, where there are cameras at all the tables and monitors that let you watch the cameras from everywhere else. You can steer the camera around with a little joystick and you can send messages to the people and stuff. It's very strange. You can also watch cameras that other people are watching. Half the time you just end up watching people steer the cameras down to check out girls' boobs. Nice. Thank you for the technology. You can see some of the pictures from that night on the Remote Lounge site.

Saturday was the amazing ride through Manhattan. I saw lots of cool stuff and riding in the city was crazy scary fun. There's something exhilarating about hauling ass down a busy Manhattan street, splitting lanes, avoiding potholes the size of a Volkswagen, trying not to get nailed by a cab, and enjoying all the scenery.

After the ride was the barbecue, which was good fun, and the gymkhana, which featured an actual NYC taxi cab door that you had to swerve around and then later kick over as part of the course. It was pretty funny. One girl actually crashed into it with her ET4, but she was ok. I chose not to participate, since I was borrowing a pretty nice bike. At the end of it, this one guy who is permanently fucked up due to a run in with a taxi cab took his revenge by throwing a cinder block through the window of the door. Then people were using the door as a ramp. It's really amazing that there weren't any injuries. Good fun.

After that, I hung out with my friend Andrea, who I used to work with at Rivals.com, on the upper west side. We just had some food and watched a movie at the apartment she was staying at. It was good to get some more rest, because for some reason I was exhausted the whole time I was in NYC.

The next day, I took the train to Philly to meet up with my best friend from grade school. That was pretty amazing. He grew up to be a really great illustrator. He's still really good friends with a couple of people that we went to school with, and they are all really great artists. I was pretty psyched on a lot of the stuff that they'd done, and it inspired me to get going on a couple of projects I've had in my mind. Most notably, I'm gonna start doing some silkscreening again, and more photography, and learn how to weld. Look out!

Jim and Chuck took me to South Jersey to visit various places from childhood. That totally amazed me. I haven't seen any of these places since I was 14. It was cool to see how much had changed, and how much hadn't. I totally recognized a lot of stuff, and I knew my way around the old neighborhood. Jim and I could remember where every girl we had crushes on in 8th grade lived. Seeing my old house, the beach, and all that was a lot of fun. It almost made me wish that we'd never moved away from there. But then, who knows what would have happened to me?

The next day, we hung out on South Street for a while in Philly. I had me a cheesesteak the way they're supposed to be made, and then we headed for the airport. On the way to the airport, we stopped at a toll and the handwritten sign on the outside of the booth said "IKEA - EXIT 42". I figured the guy must have gotten sick of people always asking him where Ikea was. As he was handing Jim his change I go "Ask him! Ask him!". So Jim asks, "Where's Ikea??" and the guy replies, "IT'S UP YOUR ASS!". Man that made me laugh my ass off.

Two long flights later, I was back home with Susie, sleeping on the first comfortable thing I'd been on in 10 days.

I'm on vacation until Monday, so I've just been screwing around, getting the bikes in order, and enjoying time at home. Aaaaahhhh.... I saw another TMBG show last night and I'm going again tonight. I'm insane!!

There's more pictures from the trip at my site.

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