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Hail to the KING

I am the king of Oreo enhancement. What? Not familiar with that term? Not surprising. I invented it. That's how fucking good I am at it.

Tonight, I was eating some Oreos. Double stuff, because I like the stuff. So I got the idea that if I twist two Oreos apart and eat the chocolate wafers from each that didn't retain the stuff, then I can put the remaining ones together, with the stuff from each, and create the QUADRUPLE STUFF. Oh yeah. That's chocolate wafer, four layers worth of stuff, and then another wafer. Sort of like the Dagwood sandwich of cookies.

So... I'm enjoying my quadruple stuffs, and I notice that I have this natural instinct to try to mush the stuffs from the two different cookies together to sort of get them to blend. I'm pushing these two together when one of the wafers breaks. So I carefully peel it off and remove it. This leaves me with a wafer and four layers worth of stuff, and no top. So I pull one wafer off another double stuff and stick the remainder on top. SIX STUFFS WORTH MUTHAFUCKA!! I trembled with glee. But... I knew this could go further. It had the makings of something great. I twisted the top wafer and mashed it until it broke, and I could remove it again. I then pulled a wafer off another double stuff, and stuck the remainder on top of The Creation. It was at that point that I acheived pure cookie nirvana. Muthafuckin' OCTUPLE STUFF, BITCH!!! Yeah!!! YEAAAAAHHHH!!!!! WHO'S THE MAN?? WHO'S THE MAN???

I had every intention of taking a picture to put on my website, but I couldn't resist the urge to eat this amazing creation. It's probably better this way though. Because frankly, if you were to gaze upon this amazing thing, you would probably just die.

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