Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Phone rings. I answer it:

Me: Hello?
Her: Hi.. is this Steve?
Me: Yeah.
Her: Hi Steve. My name is Something Forgettable and I'm a technical recruiter. I'm working with a VP of engineering and I'm networking with software industry professionals. Does that describe you?
Me: No.
Her: Really? What is it you do there?
Me: I'm the custodian.
Her: Get out... you're messing with me!
Me (sounding irritated, and somewhat depressed): No... I REALLY am the janitor.
Her: And they give you your own extension?
Me: Yeah... we all have our own extension.
Her: If you just clean up, why would they give you your own phone?
Me: So people can call me and tell me when there's things that need to be cleaned up.
Her: Ummm..... ok.....
Me: Sorry I can't help you... unless you're looking for a good custodian, but the benefits would have to be pretty good.

What? Janitors don't need benefits too?

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