On Vox: Oh god no

Holy shit, dudes. Look at the calendar. I just realized that before long, it will begin to "look a lot like Christmas", which means that I won't be able to go out in public without wanting to "stab my eardrums out" or "choke the life out of people". Late January (when they'll finally fucking stop) can't get here soon enough!

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On Vox: About Prop 8

There are still about three million absentee and provisional ballots to be counted. Yes and No are separated by about half a million votes. Absentee voters tend to skew liberal. The final count isn't expected until December 13th.

That said, there is apparently a march/protest scheduled for Friday evening. Here in San Francisco, this method of getting things done is apparently preferable to voting, seeing as how only about half of us actually made it to the fucking polls. Seriously, where the fuck was everyone? Of all the elections to sit out, THIS IS THE ONE? Fucking idiots.

That reminds me, I was reading about the Castro party yesterday in the Chronicle. They were interviewing a drag queen who was parading around all day with No on 8 banners trailing from her. She told the interviewer that she'd moved here a few months ago, but hadn't gotten registered in time to vote, so she felt she "had to do something".


News flash, sweetie: First, you're in San Francisco. In the Castro. You're pretty much preaching to the choir here. If you want to try to "do something", maybe go 30 miles in any direction and find some people who weren't already voting No. Second, if you should happen to find someone to sway, perhaps talking to them on the phone or in some sort of non-threatening manner, as opposed to parading around like a scary child-influencing homo, would be more effective. Third, if you'd have put 1/10th of that effort instead in to going to the damned post office, filling out the damned form, and dropping it in the damned mailbox, the difference you could have made by voting would certainly have been much more meaningful. You fucking failed.

Sometimes, I feel like I live in a whole city of Baldwins. 

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On Vox: Religious bigots

Proposition 8 does not have to mean the end of this fight. What it does have to mean is NO MORE FUCKING AROUND. Gavin Newsom cannot rub every little victory in peoples' faces. Overzealous parents cannot send children to City Hall to watch Satan marry two sinners in front of the world's eyes. People can't be polite, or lazy, or complacent anymore. Gloves need to come off, middle fingers need to go up, damage needs to be done. No more "agree to disagree" with these fucking people.

I've seen one good idea so far this morning from Jamison. Make Google suffer for running those ads. They made us ALL look and feel shitty with one hypocritical signing of a deal. I hope every gay employee at Google walks out.

Right now, I've got nothing. I'm too pissed off and disappointed. The best I can come up with is smash and burn, but I know that's not the answer, so I'm not leaving my bed for an hour or so. The dog and his "domestic partner", Mr. Frog, will help me stay calm.

I'd like to see something on the next ballot where California dismantles all recognition of the word marriage. If that's what this has all been about, then fine. Make it a religious word, and get it the fuck out of the government. Make the civil union or domestic partnership or whatever the fuck it is be the ONLY legally recognized union and make it illegal for any business or public entity to not recognize it as such. Teach only civil unions in school, as the M word would be a violation of church and state, and teach kids that it's for everyone. Maybe that way, in a generation or two, this bigotry will be forgotten, or at least relegated to the fundamentalist wingnut sector where it belongs. Actually, scratch that part about not teaching kids the M word. Teach it in history. Let them know that we used to have quite a joyous occasion in our lives where we'd celebrate the fuck out of our union with our friends and family, but now it has to be just business and signing of paperwork.

What a fucking waste.

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On Vox: Honeymoon

Guess where we're going to be in one month!

A hint:

Chichen Itza
Tales from the Birdbath

We'll be spending most of our honeymoon in Akumal, Mexico, with a drive out to see us some Mayan ruins, followed by a final night at the Ritz Carlton in Cancún to celebrate a certain fine lady's birthday.

Tropical vacations for the win!

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On Vox: Fitting

I just read an article about the celebrations planned for this evening by each of the campaigns. No joke, this is what each has planned:

  • Obama will address hundreds of thousands of citizens in Chicago's Grant Park, which as I understand it is like their version of Central Park or Golden Gate Park. It's a public place that all classes of people identify with and love. 70,000 regular old people are being picked and notified by email that they'll be up front.
  • McCain will be at the Biltmore, a ritzy Phoenix resort that most people in that city have never seen the inside of. It will be filled with 2,000 supporters and 3,000 media people.

If that's not some sort of symbol of the contrast between these two, and the two parties they represent, I don't know what is. Hmmm... I wonder which guy represents me best?

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On Vox: I wonder...

...if anyone has contacted Yes on 8 to let them know that Google is wasting their ad dollars by running their ads on some staunch No on 8 properties (it's not just Vox... many less politically-ambiguous and left-leaning sites are seeing them). If I were their E.D., I'd be pissed about that. For either side of the argument, the strategy at this point should definitely not be to try to sway decided voters, but to get the ones in your camp to the polls, so their purchase is just being wasted at this point. 

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On Vox: Whew!

Whirlwhind trip to Seattle this weekend. I left Friday afternoon and got to Seattle just in time to drop off my stuff and get down to the Paramount for the return of The Sonics (the band, not the basketball team). Had a free ticket and photo pass waiting for me, which was nice. The Sonics were awesome. How they got away with loud freaky garage punk back in the 60s is beyond me, but they've still got the touch. Crowd was awesome. Lots of old duffers (as Paul would call them) swappin' stories about bands they played in and vehicles they raced back in the day. Great show and great band.

Had a great time the rest of the weekend hanging with my homie Otis. Played some disc golf, saw Zack and Miri (hilarious, as expected), battled a two-month-old kitten throughout the night. Ate food. Apparently decided to no longer have a subject in my sentences.

I was up before 5 this morning and off to the airport to catch a flight home. Everything went pretty smoothly and I was back at my desk just in time to verify a few bugs for a morning release. Now it's time to catch up with the rest of my work, get through the day, and get home to my wife and doggie, both of whom I've missed sorely.

Tomorrow: Elect Barack Obama and defeat Proposition 8!

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On Vox: Caution: Rock and Roll ahead

This is going to be an epic fucking weekend.

I'm flying to Seattle Friday, arriving just in time to get myself to the amazing Paramount Theater to see a legendary band, the Sonics!

The Sonics were a Tacoma, WA garage rock band that hit the scene with early punk rock, the likes of which hadn't been heard before. The Pacific Northwest didn't know what the hell had hit it. Despite heavily influencing similar bands like The Kingsmen (Louie, Louie), they never really broke out, and as a result remained largely unmolested until they disbanded in the early 70s.

The Sonics have been called "the first punk band", and have been cited as influences by bands like The Cramps, The Hives, Eagles of Death Metal,  and Nirvana. They produced some downright frightening (for their day) originals, as well as insane covers of some mainstream stuff that was out at the time. This band was so out there... I can't imagine what they were thinking.

07 - Psycho
The Sonics

The band reunited a couple of years ago to play a show in New York, and I think they might have played overseas somewhere as well. This show, however, is going to blow up. First of all, it's on Halloween. Second, it's their first hometown show since 1972. I'm thrilled and honored that I'm going to see these living legends, one of punk's most important bands, as they triumphantly return to the place where they were born. I'm working on getting a photo pass, and hopefully I'll be able to review them for Ground Control.

Holy. Fuck. 

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On Vox: It's alive!

Once in a while, I take on a little Flash project from my friend Dave's gigantic queue, just to get some real-world practice and keep my skills sharp. It's a fun little side hobby and I'm finding that I'm decent at it, which is good for the ego for sure. Usually, these projects just involve me taking something that Dave built for someone previously and making requested changes or updates to it. Recently, however, he asked me to build a group of ads for a Popular Video Game Franchise. The ads are what is known in the industry as a "roadblock", meaning all the ads on the page are for the same thing. This particular roadblock involved them not only being for the same thing, but for them to have synchronized interactive animation, which meant they all had to talk to each other whenever the user interacted with any of them (in this case by rolling their mouse over one). I'd never seen anything like it before, let alone implemented anything like it, but it sounded doable and the more I ventured in to figuring out how to make it work, the more I liked the solution I came up with. Dave helped me out with some of the dirty details and he did all the project management and interacting with the client, but I'm sayin' that this here is my project that I made from scratch. It launched today and I'm a proud papa.

If you want to check it out, go to Gamespot and click on "New Releases". If you roll over any of the ads (the 300x250 box on the right is the best one) you should be able to "explore" the buxom protagonist of the game and her surroundings through the four synchronized Flash ads.

It's definitely not perfect. Flash's means for sending messages between individual movies (ads) is a little sketch and unreliable, so the motion can be a little choppy. I think it's the best it can be, though, and the client is really happy with it. Plus, it's got boobies in it.

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